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Tips for Living in Your Home During a Remodel

Knowing what to expect is important if you’re planning a major remodel and are thinking about living on-site. Aside from saving money, staying in the home you are working on means you are always nearby if the builders have any questions. It also means the house is more secure than if it was vacant. Continue reading to learn some helpful tips for living in your home during a remodel.

We’re not going to lie and say living on-site is easy. However, you can mentally prepare yourself and get some remodeling survival tips along the way by understanding what’s involved. We have compiled a list of what you may experience if you are trying to decide whether to live at home during a remodel.

Consider Air Quality

Dust can be a problem during a remodel, especially for those who have allergies or other respiratory issues. The production and spread of dust and debris during your remodeling project can’t be entirely avoided. But there are important steps that can be taken to reduce it. Your remodeling team will assist you in preventing dust and debris from entering your HVAC system and spreading to other parts of your home. They will do this by erecting temporary coverings and vents in the work area.

Keep An Area Of Your Home Sectioned Off

When you’re renovating your home, it can be helpful to live on-site so that you can keep an eye on the progress of the work. But sometimes it’s nice to have an area of your home that doesn’t need to be remodeled. You can then use that as a section of your home that stays in order and clean to be a sanctuary from the ongoing job.

It’s still possible to enjoy your home even with holes in the ceiling and one less bathroom.

Communicate with Your Home Remodeling Team

Maintaining clear and regular communication with your remodeling team is key. This helps you from becoming overwhelmed by a major home remodel. Your site manager will become like a member of your family throughout the project. They will act as a liaison to meet your needs while supervising the team and project. You and your family will grow accustomed to seeing and interacting with the same team members throughout your day. You can make their presence in your life feel less intrusive by developing a professional relationship and open lines of communication with them.

Spend Time Outdoors or Away from Home When Possible

During the day, your home will resemble a construction site. Complete with power tools, numerous workers, and loud banging. To avoid these inconveniences while construction is being done, try to spend as much time outside and away from your home as you can. If you work from home, try working out of a library or coffee shop to ensure you can take important meetings without distractions.

Trust Your Crew

Everyone on your team, from the site manager to the trade partners, is aware that they are working at a residence rather than a construction site and treats it as such. Even though the word “demolishing” conjures up pictures of massive jackhammers, concrete breakers, and mayhem, Crosby Home Services adopts a careful, controlled approach to ensure your remodel is done properly.


Remodeling your home is an exciting experience. However, living in the midst of a remodel can be as exciting or challenging as you make it to be. And we hope our tips help with the former!


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