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What to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Vanity

Your bathroom vanity is an essential part of your bathroom design, and there are many decisions to be made when selecting one. Size, style, material, and price point all come into play, and choosing a bathroom vanity can sometimes feel overwhelming. Breaking down the options and looking at the factors to consider when choosing a bathroom vanity, will help you select one that is perfect for your bathroom.


1.   Placement

Considering the flow of traffic in and out of your bathroom is an important factor to consider when deciding where to place your bathroom vanity. Be sure that the vanity does not block the bathroom door or shower door. It is also important to be sure the surrounding areas are accessible and easy to reach for cleaning. You will also need to consider your plumbing. If your bathroom’s plumbing needs to be changed to install your new vanity, it will account for a chunk of your budget. This is important to keep in mind. Even a switch from traditional floor-mounted vanity to a wall-mounted vanity will mean having to reroute pipes and drains.


2.   Materials

There are two things to consider when choosing the materials for your vanity. First of all, vanities are placed in environments that often become humid and wet. The materials you choose for your bathroom vanity should be able to stand up to this type of environment. Along with cleaning products, beauty products, toothpaste, and more. You will also want to consider which materials you find most aesthetically pleasing. Since this is an area you are likely to use quite regularly, you want to be sure you feel good about how the vanity looks, so keep this in mind when selecting your materials.


3.   Consider Who Will Be Using It, and How

When choosing a vanity, you will want to consider the people who will be using it and the type of things they will need it for. For example, if you are choosing a vanity that will be used by a couple, you will likely want a vanity with a double sink. If it will only be used by one person, you may want something smaller. You should also consider how you will be using your vanity. If the vanity will be used for doing makeup and hair, for example, you will want more counter space and extra storage space to accommodate supplies.


4.   Size

Your vanity size should always make sense for the size of your bathroom. Putting a huge vanity into a very small bathroom will make it feel small and cramped. Putting a small vanity into a large bathroom can look strange and unbalanced. Considering how much storage you need will help you choose the size of your vanity. For bathrooms used on a regular basis, it is recommended to start with a vanity that is a minimum of 21 inches deep and 24 inches wide.


5.   Choosing Your Vanity Style

Once you have decided the size of your vanity, and how many sinks you need, the next step is to choose a vanity style. The main thing you will need to decide is whether to choose a freestanding vanity or a built-in one. Built-ins work well in larger bathrooms, while freestanding vanities fit into smaller spaces. A corner vanity is a good choice for a small bathroom because it occupies less space but also provides a countertop for your small space. You will also want to consider the style you are going for in your bathroom. For example, if you want a more modern bathroom, a floating vanity is a popular option for this style. Don’t forget that your bathroom vanity is the main focal point of your bathroom! So, you want it to blend well with your bathroom style and decor.


Keeping all these things in mind will help you select a bathroom vanity that fits your bathroom’s needs. For help choosing the perfect vanity for your bathroom, and all your bathroom design and remodeling needs, please reach out to us at Crosby Home Services. We can help take the frustration and guesswork out of this process, and leave you with an end product that you are truly happy with.