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10 Ways to decorate a small deck

10 Steps To Decorating Your Small Deck

No matter the size, your deck can become a beautiful and cozy gathering space with the right accents, furniture and decor. Following these 10 steps to decorating your small deck will help you maximize your space and create a deck you’ll look forward to spending time on.


1.   Lights

Whether your outdoor deck space is big or small, installing outdoor lighting will make it pop. Outdoor lights create ambience and are the cheapest way to upgrade your outdoor deck space. String lights can be easily secured overhead without taking up any space on your deck. Solar-powered lights can be attached to deck posts and rails to illuminate the area.  Floor-based lighting such as candles or lanterns with glass panes are not recommended, as they can easily create a hazard.


2.   Furniture

It is important to pick furniture that will accommodate people, but not overwhelm your small space. This can actually be accomplished by using large pieces. Large scale pieces such as a sofa or a large bench will fit the space nicely. In contrast, multiple chairs or stools can leave your small deck looking cluttered. Placing seating along two sides can open up the deck and give it a bigger feel. In addition to the larger pieces, a small side table or outdoor coffee table can add practical use to your space without cluttering it.


3.   Add a Rug

A water-resistant, outdoor rug can add character to your small deck. A decorative rug can add a lovely pop of color. Selecting a small to medium rug that does not span the entire deck can actually make the deck feel larger. An outdoor rug will anchor your seating, and even protect the deck by guarding against scuffs and scratches.


4.   Less is More

When you have a small patio or deck, taking a minimalist approach to decorating is recommended. The more items you have on your deck, the smaller it will feel. Invest in benches or furniture items with hidden storage to help maximize your space.


   5. Add Greenery

Beautify your small deck and bring it to life with plants that are low-maintenance and easy to care for. Succulents, for example, will look great, and don’t require a lot of water. They also have few pests and diseases. If your deck gets a lot of sun, herbs will thrive. They will also bring a pleasant smell, and are practical for garnishing meals or drinks you can enjoy on the deck. Some herb ideas include basil, lavender, rosemary, mint, and oregano. Along with sun, they just need to be watered regularly in order to thrive.


   6. Add Color

Add aesthetic appeal to your deck with splashes of color. Colorful planters, throw pillows, a vibrant patio umbrella, and colorful string lights are some examples of taking your deck from drab and dull to vibrant and appealing.


   7. Add an Outdoor Bar

A small beverage station is perfect for outdoor entertaining on a small deck. A sturdy cart or can provide just the right amount of space for serving refreshments. Make sure it has space for storing outdoor-friendly glassware, an ice bucket, and drink-making ingredients.


   8. Use Screening When Needed

Privacy structures can be installed to block out things you won’t want to see such as an unsightly view or neighbors in close proximity. Screening can also give your deck a sense of solitude. Privacy screens come in different materials, so you can choose one that goes with the theme and colors of your deck.


   9. Add to the Ambiance with Music

A small Bluetooth speaker will serve a big purpose on your deck. Playing music can set the mood and enhance the atmosphere you are trying to create. Music can also help drown out noise from traffic, neighbors, barking dogs, etc. Choose a small but powerful Bluetooth speaker that can be easily stored somewhere on your deck when it is not being used.


   10. Make it Your Own with Art

Inspirational wall art, or art of any kind can definitely have its place on your deck. The main thing to be sure of is that you choose art made with materials that can withstand the elements. ModgePodge sealer or NeverWet fabric spray can be sprayed on canvas art for protection.


Following these ten easy steps will help create an inviting atmosphere on your deck, and make even a small deck feel larger and more comfortable.

If you are just getting started on deck design and planning, Crosby Home Services is here to help. Contact us to get started on your project today!