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Myths About Remodeling Your Kitchen

8 Common Myths About Remodeling Your Kitchen

When considering starting a kitchen remodeling project, there are many common misconceptions that prevent people from moving forward. Looking at these 8 common myths about remodeling your kitchen will debunk some of these misconceptions and help prepare you for a successful kitchen renovation.


1. Kitchen Remodeling Projects Require A Lot of DIY Work

Many people assume that you need to be handy and skilled in home renovation DIY projects in order to remodel your kitchen. In actuality, you want a team of skilled professionals to help guide you through the process. Kitchen remodeling can often involve complex tasks, with projects that can include pipework or electric work. For safety reasons, you want a true professional working on these tasks. You will also be sure to comply with any coding requirements needed. DIY can be risky, so leaving kitchen remodeling to the professionals is a wise choice.


2. Bigger is Better

When it comes to kitchen design and renovation projects, people often dream of big, spacious kitchens, perfect for entertaining. But when the project is finished, and they begin using their new kitchen in their day-to-day lives, it can be frustrating when appliances are too far apart. So it is important to be realistic about how the space in your kitchen is going to be used regularly, and consider things like how often you are actually using it for entertaining.


3. Kitchen Remodeling is Too Expensive

No two kitchen remodeling projects are the same. It is important to work together with professionals who can help you make the best use of your particular budget. We will help you stay within your budget based on what is most important to you in your remodeling project.


4. Cutting Corners is Ok

Cutting corners in order to stay within a tight budget is ill-advised. A 2017 study found that among homeowners who renovated their kitchens in the past year, 44% or nearly half say they would have spent more if they had to do it again. Remember that remodeling your kitchen is a long-term investment. You will have this kitchen for years to come, so it is important not to cut corners, leaving you with regrets.


5. Extra Counter Space is Unnecessary

Some homeowners believe they can save money and space by reducing counter space they consider “unused”. As you begin to cook in your new kitchen, the last thing you want is to feel cramped, and like there just isn’t enough counter space. Extra counter space will always come in handy, especially when entertaining.


6. You Can Always Add On Later

Some  homeowners think that they can just add on extras like a kitchen island or a new microwave at a later date, and save on costs now. While you may be able to make due without these add-ons for now, waiting until later can be a mistake. Cabinet, appliance, and counter models are frequently changing, and continuity could be an issue down the line.


7. It Will Simply Take Too Long

Time can be one of the main factors that keep people from wanting to dive into a kitchen remodeling project. Many have the impression that it will take a long time, drag out, and cause a great inconvenience. In truth, projects like this drag on as a result of lax planning. Using a professional home services company is the way to go, if you want your kitchen remodel done right and in a reasonable amount of time.


8. Be Aware of Your Space

It is important to be willing to forfeit certain ideas if they don’t fit well in your space. While perhaps you have always wanted a kitchen island, if it would only fit in your kitchen in a way that is awkward or would take up too much space, then it is not practical for your specific kitchen remodel. The most important thing is being able to have plenty of room to move around, cook and fully open and close your appliances.


Taking all of these things into consideration will help you to get the most out of your kitchen remodeling project. At Crosby Home Services, we are here to help you every step of the way. Check out our website to compare kitchen remodeling project ideas based on your individual budget and needs.