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How To Choose The Best Kitchen Lighting

A properly lit kitchen is important both for the look and functionality of your kitchen space. Interestingly enough, many people do not consider changing the lighting in their kitchen when moving into a home, and when renovating, light fixtures are often the first thing cut from a budget. But in order to maximize your use of this important space, choosing proper lighting is key. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best lighting for your kitchen.


Plan Lighting as Early as Possible

Because moving light fixtures after a kitchen has been installed can be quite pricey, it is best to plan kitchen lighting during the design stage, if possible. Otherwise rewiring and repainting costs can add up. The kitchen will be a heavily-trafficked room, and will require the right lighting for multi-tasking. From preparing food to entertaining, to projects, or even working from home, your kitchen will need good lighting. Getting your ideal lighting figured out early will allow you to plan for your kitchen space to flow seamlessly.


Safety First

The most important thing to consider with kitchen lighting is safety. You want to be sure that your lighting will provide enough brightness for safe and efficient cooking and meal preparation. You will also want to be sure that there are no shadows in the areas of your preparation space. The best way to do this is with task lighting. You can install a track system above you, for example, over a kitchen island, or install LED strip lights under your high cabinets. LED lights are a nice option because they do not heat up.


Ambient Lighting

Though you want to make sure your kitchen is properly lit for safety, you will also want to consider how to provide ambient lighting for your kitchen. Ambient lighting is soft and adds a warm glow to the environment. One way this can be accomplished is with a pendant above your dining room table or a counter. Dimmer switches are a great way to add flexibility to your lighting design.This feature will allow you to soften the lights, as needed. Having some ambient lighting in your kitchen creates character and a warm, inviting space.


Highlight Your Best Kitchen Features

Highlight your favorite parts of your kitchen easily by using accent lighting. This type of lighting will draw the eye to kitchen features such as a backsplash or a design piece or display. To do this, you can install strip lighting underneath counters or cabinets, or add accent lighting to glass cabinets or open shelves. You can also actually add lighting inside of your kitchen drawers! There will be a small switch that engages whenever the drawer is opened. This type of lighting is often used in silverware drawers. Doing this will add elegance and character to your kitchen.


Choose your Lighting Style

When choosing kitchen lighting, it is important to consider the lighting style in the rest of your home. Doing this will help your space to flow naturally and beautifully. Though you do not need to choose the exact same style as the other areas of your home, you will want to choose similar styles as far as theme and shape are concerned. This is especially important if you have an open kitchen that feeds into other rooms.


Proportions are Important

When selecting pendant lights and decorative fixtures, be sure to consider the size in relation to your kitchen. If you choose fixtures that are too large, they will overwhelm your space if you have a small kitchen. If you have a large kitchen and choose fixtures that are too small, they will get lost in the space. The height of your pendants is an important factor to consider. About 32 inches above your table or counter is recommended.


Following these guidelines will help you to have a kitchen that is lit perfectly for each occasion and activity that you use it for. Whether you are at the beginning of the design stage, or looking to remodel, Crosby Home Services is here to help. We can advise you more specifically on light fixtures and how to best utilize lighting in your kitchen. Contact us today to learn more!