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Image of an Upgraded Bathroom Vanity. Upgrade An Outdated Bathroom.

How To Upgrade An Outdated Bathroom

Upgrading your outdated bathroom can seem like an overwhelming task. In reality, there are a lot of small projects you can do to upgrade the look, feel, and overall quality of your bathroom. Following these simple steps will have your bathroom feeling brand new in no time. 

Lighten it Up

One easy way to lighten up a bathroom is to add a fresh coat of paint. Choosing a lighter color can help accomplish this. Because bathrooms are the smallest rooms in the house, a lighter shade of paint is recommended because it can expand the feel of the room. Another way to brighten up your bathroom is to replace outdated light fixtures. Choosing brighter LED bulbs can help liven up your bathroom space, and give it a more clean look.  

Upgrade Hardware

Something as simple as new hardware can make your bathroom feel so much nicer. This can include things like new towel bars, cabinet knobs or pulls, shower curtain rings and rods, hooks, door pulls, and hinges. Updating these simple items is a great step in making over your bathroom and helping it to feel brand new. 

Replace Your Faucet

Few things date a bathroom more than an old faucet. Replacing your old one with a modern faucet is an easy way to upgrade your bathroom. Faucets come in all kinds of styles and finishes, so be sure to choose one that fits with the style and theme of your bathroom. If upgrading your bathroom and you choose not to replace the faucet, it can look very out of place and unattractive. Because this is such an easy project, this should definitely be at the top of your list when upgrading your outdated bathroom. 

Fixing it Up Cosmetically

Of course it makes sense to fix up and replace functional items in your bathroom, such as faucets. But there are other projects that will help beautify your bathroom. Replacing the caulk around your tub can make your bathroom look nicer and cleaner. Grout repair can make grout look as good as new. Other ideas include installing a new medicine cabinet and a new mirror. Replace your noisy old bath exhaust fan with a quiet one with more power. This will help to keep your bathroom from steaming, which will protect your paint and hardware.  

Replace Your Shower Curtain & Bathroom Rug

This one seems obvious, but a brand new shower curtain along with these other upgrades will instantly improve the look of your bathroom. Adding coordinating bathroom accessories will help the space to look beautiful and flow nicely. In addition, bath rugs and mats can wear out and fade over time, leaving your bathroom looking dull. Simply replacing these items to coordinate with your bathroom decor can add an upgraded feel to your bathroom. 

Replace Your Toilet or Bathroom Sink

This is a bigger undertaking, but replacing an old toilet or sink can give your bathroom a huge facelift, not to mention the practical benefits. If your bathroom is outdated, then it is more than likely that your toilet and sink could use updating. Even if your toilet is still in good functioning order, you may choose to upgrade it to enjoy the latest technology, and so that it will blend well with the rest of your updated bathroom. The same is true of your bathroom sink. 

Following any of these steps will help your bathroom to feel newer, cleaner, and bigger. When upgrading your bathroom, there will be many tasks you can accomplish with DIY projects. Some tasks, however, require a professional. Crosby Home Services is an expert in bathroom remodeling, and is here to take the hassle out of these bigger projects. Click here to read about our professional remodeling services.