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How to Create More Bathroom Storage Space

No matter the size of your bathroom, people always wonder how they can create more bathroom storage space. We have prepared a list of ways you can make the most of your space with some simple storage hacks. Not only will these hacks help your bathroom to feel more spacious, but they will also help you to organize your items so that you will end up with a bathroom that functions well and is easy to keep tidy.


1.   Hang Basket Shelves

Mounting a set of basket shelves on your bathroom wall is a great way to keep countertops clear and create more storage space. The items you need will still be easily accessible, but they will be out of the way, leaving more room in your bathroom. Basket shelves are very easy to install. Simply stick nails through the basket’s weave and hammer directly into the wall.


2.   Add Hooks

Adding hooks to the wall will give you space to hang things like bulky robes and towels. You can hang hooks low and high around your bathroom for practical use without taking up much space. Towel hooks come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes. Choosing hooks in metallic hues can help add dimension to your space.


3.   Make Towel Baskets

If you have a linen closet with limited space- or no linen closet at all, big baskets are a great way to store all of your extra towels. Roll both bath and hand towels and neatly tuck them into cute baskets. You can store these below your vanity if they fit, or just around the bathroom. With a wide variety of baskets available, you can easily choose baskets that fit in with your bathroom décor and style.


4.   Invest in a Hair Tool Organizer

Hair tool organizers can keep bulky items like flat irons and blow dryers tucked neatly in one spot, with compartments to keep long cords out of the way. You can purchase hair tool organizers that can be hung on the inside of a large bathroom cabinet, the wall, or free standing ones that can sit on the countertop.


5.   Take Advantage of Cabinets and Cabinet Doors

Installing small bins on the inside of cabinet doors can be a great space saver. In addition, purchasing items to organize your bathroom cabinet will help you maximize its space. Small baskets, a lazy susan, or small shelves are just some examples of things that will help keep your bathroom cabinet organized and tidy. Storing like-items together in clear containers is a good way to clearly see what you have, while keeping things neat and out of the way.


6.   Store Extra Toilet Paper Atop the Toilet

Rather than storing bulky toilet paper rolls in your cabinet or stand up toilet paper holders, consider placing extra rolls into a basket atop the toilet. This is both convenient and will save a great deal of space.


7.   Install a Second Shower Rod in Your Shower

If you are lacking in ledge space in your shower area, you can install another tension rod inside of it, add hooks, and easily create storage space for caddies, loofah brushes, washcloths, etc. You can hang cheap plastic baskets on the hooks and fill them with bath and body products, kids’ bath toys, or even cleaning products.


8.   Easily Add Storage to the Medicine Cabinet

A very easy way to increase the storage capacity of your medicine cabinet is with a magnetic memo board. Attach a magnetic memo board to the inside of the medicine cabinet door. You can then attach magnets to the back of cosmetic products and stick them right on the door. This hack also comes in handy for small metal grooming tools. Another idea is to attach magnetic hooks to the magnet board. You simply need to make sure that your items are arranged in a way that allows the medicine cabinet door to shut completely.


9.   Consider a Cart

A bar cart can easily be repurposed into a roll-away bathroom storage cart. This can help declutter your bathroom, as you can store everything from towels to toiletries, bath products to cleaning products, first aid kits, and more. These carts are conveniently on wheels so they are easy to move out of the way, or close to you for easy access to your items as you need them. Bar carts provide ample space to store many items, making them a great way to add storage space to your bathroom.


10.   Get Bathroom Drawer Organizers

Bathroom drawers can easily become a jumbled mess if they are not properly organized. To organize and make the best use of your bathroom drawer space, get some space-appropriate drawer organizers. You can then easily divide things by product type, and make things easier to access and reach. Prioritize the most commonly used items by putting them toward the front and in the most easily accessible drawers. Tiered organizers can be used for drawers with a lot of depth to make the best use of the space.


Using these simple organization and space-saving hacks will help you make the best use of your bathroom space, and even help it to feel bigger. If you are simply unhappy with your bathroom layout, it may be time to think about remodeling. Crosby Home Services can help you design your dream bathroom. To discuss options and get a quote, contact us today!