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Photo overlooking a deck with furniture on it and trees in the background with light shining through.

The Best Time Of Year To Build A Deck

When deciding when to break ground on a brand new deck, there are some important factors to consider. The good news is that decks can actually be built at any time throughout the year. But it may surprise you to learn that the best time of year to build a deck is actually winter!


Here are some reasons why winter is the best time of year to build a deck:


Beat the Spring Rush & Take Your Time

For contractors, builders, and construction workers, winter is generally the slowest season. This means you can usually have your deck project completed more quickly in the winter months, when you’ll find builders have more flexibility in their schedules. Many contractors are actually looking for projects during this time, rather than turning people away due to fully booked calendars.


Having extra time can also be helpful, as you will need to secure any necessary building permits. Obtaining the right permits can take time, and if you are building in the winter, there won’t be the same sense of urgency you might have during warmer months. You will also have built in time for any unexpected setbacks.


Save Money

Both labor and material costs will typically be cheaper in the off-season. The demand for both is lower during this time, often resulting in discounted services, sales on materials, and pre-season incentives. Contractors are often more likely to negotiate pricing during the off-season, when they typically do not have as many projects. Because of this, you also have the opportunity to be more selective with the contractor you choose, rather than just picking the first available.


Helps Preserve the Wood

Winter is a dry season which means humidity is lower. This dry air can help pressurize treated wood, making it more stable. A deck built in the spring or summer can absorb humidity, and dry unevenly leading to warped wood. Your wood will dry out more evenly if it is not under direct sunlight, as it is more often during warmer months. This means that winter actually provides the ideal weather for deck building.


Less Inconvenience

A winter deck building project also causes less interruption to homeowners. During the cold winter months, outdoor activities are generally kept to a minimum. This means that deck construction is unlikely to interfere with backyard activities, landscaping, or gardening, as it might during the warmer season.


Ready for Nice Weather

Building in the winter means that you can start enjoying your deck right away when beautiful weather comes! Though it might not be warm enough to use as soon as it is finished, this will give you plenty of time to furnish, decorate, and personalize your deck. When spring rolls around, you will be ready to host backyard barbecues and relax on your new back deck.


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