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The Most Popular Remodeling Projects: Kitchens and Bathrooms

Research shows that kitchens and bathrooms become the most popular remodeling projects, based on search intent for terms like ‘bathroom remodel ideas,‘ ‘home renovation cost,’ and ‘DIY home renovations’ skyrocketed in 2020. This is because most people stuck indoors due to the pandemic are now turning their attention to home remodeling and interior design projects.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects offer a fresh lease on life to your abode and are the perfect way to customize your home to fit your style and comfort requirements.  Read on to learn more about the most popular remodeling projects—kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

What Does Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Mean?

Non-elaborate bathroom and kitchen remodel projects usually involve the replacement of existing electronic appliances or the addition of new electronic circuits or fixtures.


However, larger projects entail new layout designs, transfer of existing fixtures, or the addition of new features like integrated ovens, chimneys, tubs, saunas, walk-in showers, windows, and more.

What to Expect From Basic Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Projects?

Basic Kitchen

  • Installation of foreign-made closets or box store shelves.
  • Installation of new benchtops.
  • Addition of a new vinyl plank or ceramic tiles and fresh paint.


Basic Kitchen Remodel Cost: $15K–$25K

Basic Bathroom

  • Installing a new faucet or shower insert.
  • Addition of imported closets and box shelves.
  • Adding a fresh coat of paint and new tiles.


Basic Bathroom Remodel Cost: $8K–$12K

What Does Professional Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Look Like?

Professional Kitchen

  • Addition of American-made cabinets.
  • Installing granite, marble, and quartz tabletops.
  • Premium fixtures and kitchen extras like under cabinet lighting.


Professional Kitchen Remodel Cost: $35K–$50K

Professional Bathroom

  • Installing the finest showerheads or even some of the best tile showers.
  • You can even start looking at granite and quartz showers.
  • Adding premium faucets and accessories.


Professional Bathroom Remodel Cost: $15K–$20K

What to Expect From Customized Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Projects?

Custom Kitchen

  • There are various door designs and finish options available for custom cabinets. Ensure you choose the right cabinet type since the overall look of your closets is vital to your kitchen’s style.
  • You can also color-match your kitchen cupboards to the color of your kitchen walls.
  • Though designers and manufacturers can make cabinets in different shapes, it’s best to choose ones that facilitate more counter space. This way, you get a more functional kitchen space, and it will look compact and sleek.
  • The widths and heights of custom cabinets can easily be modified to ensure that every detail fits your requirements.


Custom Kitchen Remodel Cost: $60K–$80K

Custom Bathroom

  • Infinite options of floor tile layout and custom cabinets.
  • Extra premium quality of faucets.
  • Large cabinets under the bathroom sink.
  • A range of accessories is available in the market if you’re looking for ways to enhance your everyday bathroom experience.


Custom Bathroom Remodel Cost: $25K–$30K




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