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Why It’s Important to Keep Leaves off Your Deck

Leaves can be a great decorative element because of their changing beauty. However, that beauty doesn’t shine quite as brightly when the leaves are piled up on your deck. Removing piled foliage from your deck can be quite a tough and time-consuming task, and you may be tempted to think that it’s no big deal—why not allow them to pile up?

As it turns out, there are a few very significant reasons to ensure your deck is clear of leaves. Keep reading to learn more!

Create Stains

Leaves tend to stain your deck after they have stayed for some days. They may come off, but sometimes the stains are permanent. All leaves contain tree oils. When they start decaying, their acidity can ruin your deck’s sealant, which stains the wood and composite.

Tree species leave different types of stains depending on the type of material on which the leaves stay. If your deck material is very porous, more stains will sink into it. When leaves stay for longer on your deck, it gets tougher to remove stains.

Cause Rotting

As leaves pile up on your porch, it makes it more prone to rotting. Decaying leaves trap water, attract mold, and leave moisture on your deck for an extended period of time, causing wood to deteriorate unless you invest in composite decking. One of the most significant advantages of composite decking is its resistance to rot, but it is not resistant to staining.

If leaves stay on your deck for a long time, you can start to see wood rotting from the decaying foliage. Moisture, which doesn’t smoothly drain from your deck, can stand for long enough to damage the wood. A deck goes through a lot in winter. Deck maintenance gets tougher with extra debris and foliage falling. Remove debris and leaves as soon as you notice a problem to avoid costly repairs.

Increase Weight

Consistent snow, which is quite heavy, is a common sight in winter. A cubic foot of ice  weighs 12.49 to 18.73 pounds. A cubic foot of wind-packed snow weighs 21.85 to 24.97 pounds. It can be a huge increase in the weight for your deck structure to hold.

Even though leaves may not seem too heavy to damage to the framework, the weight can increase quickly. The added weight of wet leaves and piles of snow can add too much weight for your deck to tolerate. The excessive weight of snow can even collapse your deck, and thus, you should throw away the accumulated foliage before snowfall.

So, now you know why you need to keep leaves off your deck. If you need professional help to do that, get in touch with Crosby Home Services today. We can make your deck ready for the leaves and snow that the winter will bring. Our professionals can sweep or blow leaves as and when required to keep your deck clean. Call us for a free consultation for the best yet affordable solutions.